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Green Mountain Getaway: Embodying Creative Play

A Yoga, Dance, ‘n Song Retreat in Nature

(No artistic, wilderness, or movement experience necessary!)

Thursday July 17th- Sunday July 20th

Leicester, Vermont.


Do you want to develop your inner guidance and respond to the world with new visions and creative solutions?

Are you ready to drop into the rhythm and pulse of Nature in a profound way?

Do you crave connection with like-minded souls who share your thirst for change and evolving culture?

It’s time!  If you are looking for a way to reconnect with yourself this summer and be invited into new ways of embodiment and expression–come join the Altaer Community!



Together, we will unplug from the cultural matrix and romp into the wilderness–of the body, mind, spirit, and environment. We will be contained in the Earth’s wisdom, listen deeply to our truths, and explore how we can live them every day.

We will rise to open and strengthen our bodies with a morning yoga practice. We will take day trips into the National Park. Hike, swim, and play with creative acts of dance, sound, and visual art infused with meditation and touch. Give ourselves over the Earth in R&R. Slumber underneath the stars, tucked around a tranquil lake Rutland, VT just outside of Green Mountain National Forest.

eZxmTn8SPKAQ9kqdJSa7TkHOBxTMX_6sHs5olddDyDQFacilities include fire circle, lake for swimming, dock for relaxing, kayak & canoe.

3 healthy ‘n delicious vegetarian meals will be shared each full day

No wilderness, artistic, or movement experience necessary!

Classes and workshops will be facilitated by:

Emily Moore, Katie Clancy, Lauren Larken, and a few special guests.

Costs include meals, lodging, 3-4 daily classes, transport to and from train or airport*, guide-trips into the National Forest, and a whole lot of fun!


Sliding Scale

EARLY BIRD RATE (register before June 1st)

After JUNE 1st

Sponsor Rate



Regular Rate (Employed and Self-Employed)



Returning & Student Rate (Past Retreat Participants, Students, Unemployed)



*limited Work Exchange Positions available


Early Bird Retreat Options


What You’ll Need:

-A tent to sleep in. If you don’t have one check out these resources for rental and purchasing or ask a friend if you can borrow their tent.

-Please bring your own plate, bowl, mug, canteen, water bottle, and utensils.

-A flashlight or headlamp.

-A swimsuit.

-A towel

-A sleeping bag.

-A daypack.

-Hiking shoes

-Bug Repellant

How to Get Here:

By Air:

Fly into Burlington Airport. (

*You must coordinate your arrival and departure time with if you want to arrange rides to and from the airport.

By Train:

Amtrak (

From NYC take the 69 Adirondack Train to Port Henry on Thursday.

Return 269 Ethan Allen Express train from Rutland on Sunday.

For other train schedules please coordinate with

*You must coordinate your arrival and departure time with if you want to arrange rides to and from the train.


Green Mountain Getaway: Embodying Creative Play Art-ners:

Katie Clancy loves all things true and juicy– she blends up the best parts of Pilates, Yoga, and contemporary dance to bring you closer to your authentic power.  How can we best harness vital Pranic Energy on a daily basis? How do we plug our bodies into the healing power of Gravity? How can we sense into the neuroplasticity of our brains’ and our muscles in order to actively rewire and heal ourselves on a cellular level?

Daily offerings focus on alignment, core strength, breathing/pranayama, joint release, and dynamic movement.   They are a way of dropping deeper into the subtle wisdom of your body, witnessing the mind, and developing physical health and spiritual prowess.

Lauren Larken is a Songbird, Activist, and Educator offering simple daily self-care rituals that purify, heal, and connect us with our authentic voices and most beautiful selves. We lift our voices and use our bodies as instruments to offer up prayer, praise and worship. Both silly and seriously performative, in Songbird Sessions, she blends our vibrational energies towards our desires through gratitude, grace, and devotion.

Sprinkled throughout each day on retreat Songbird Sessions have included: Exquisite ARTner interventions, ritual expression, noise making, physical mail making, radical home economics, touch education, a cappella music and Body of Sound. Heal, Grow, Expand, and Root Through Expression. (No singing talent or background expected or required.)

Emily Moore teaches movement through sensing the natural world. She is a dance artist and movement specialist who relates and expresses through touch and motion. She teaches how to partner, listen, and respond to the world as an act of choice and self-discovery through movement and touch.

Emily weaves her experiential knowledge of Dance, Contact Improvisation, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Chi-Gong, Bodywork, MELT Method, Anatomy, Neuromuscular Facilitation, and Yoga, Ensemble Games together daily offerings.
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Early Bird Retreat Options


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