Katie Clancy (Yoga, Dance Ritual & Wordsmith)  

0015bwBorn in Durango, CO, with the Rocky Mountains as her playground, Katie was raised with a taste for the wild and a passion for the Mystery of the Unknown. She trained as a competitive gymnast and later pursued a professional ballet career, training with such companies as El Nacional Ballet de Cuba in Havana, Cuba and Alonso King’s Lines Ballet.  She discovered Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga when she was 14, and versed herself in the Jivamukti, Anusara methods in New York City.  She traveled to India in 2008 to study intensely under the Sivananda (Hatha) masters and completed her 200 hour certification with Peter Sterios in 2011.

Katie attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (2004-2007), where she was exposed to the healing modalities of contact dance, pilates, and Butoh dance.  First Generation Pilates Master, Kathy Grant, became her mentor and teacher; she continued to assist and teach along Mrs. Grant after graduation.

Katie’s quest to craft an authentic voice as a performance artist and writer directly parallels her journey and a teacher and healer.  In the healing arts, she explores how we individually and collectively learn and how we can uncover memories and wisdom that are present within our bodies and our hearts.  How can we transform our movement, minds, and actions to ultimately benefit the Earth and the future generations?

Katie has recently re-rooted in Durango after nearly 10 years of performing and teaching in the USA and South America.  Her workshops and classes provides a safe container where we can take off our masks and allow the healing power of Mother Nature to take over. We use our experience as a sacred laboratory where we develop a personal, organic language and also explore our relationship with the natural elements alive in our human biology.  We explore paradox and perception.  We challenge our limitations and break down the boundaries that stand in our way of embracing life.  We learn movement to be our way into the subconscious layers of our beings, the path of zero point where the past, present, and future can all be experienced.  We spiral into gravity and learn levity, efficiency of movement, allowing for greater harmony in all our relations.  We listen to the stories of the body and translate their wisdom through an energizing yet theraputic fusion of Pilates, Yoga, with influences of Body Mind Centering, Release/Klein technique, contemporary dance, and Butoh.

She is deeply grateful for the mentorship of such masters as Kathy Grant (Pilates); Peter Sterios, Kathy Curran, Amy Mathews (yoga); Atsushi Takenouchi, Kathi Von Koerber, Ko Moribushi and Diego Pinon (Butoh); Colin Smith (Jungian psychology) and many other amazing movers, activists, and yogis who have empowered her critical thinking and courageous curiosity.


Lauren Larken (Songbird, Theatre Practitioner) 

Larken holds an MFA in Performance and interactive Media Arts which means that she loves collaboration and is an eternal optimist.  She believes that the bicycle is the finest invention known to woman and that we have the power to change our lives everyday.

She is currently working on an original folk a cappella musical based on the graphic novel Will & Whit by Laura Lee Gulledge (published by Abrams Spring 2013)

Using the invisible theatre techniques she learned while working with the most innovative activists in the world she is in the process of taking the Chemical Beauty Industry by the Balls!

Emily Moore (Nature Dance, Taoist Meditation)

Emily Moore is a Dance Artist, Somatic Educator, and Rainbow Technician.  Her home lies in the intersection between the cultural wilderness of New York City and pristine wild lands and waters of the globe. Emily roams the resonate rainbow between wild places and our wild inheritance on the stages of New York City, in the mountains of Colorado, in dance studios and private sessions where she instructs Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis® and MELT Method (the Art of Self-Care), among other modalities and physical and metaphysical traditions. Emily has also had the gift of studying and practicing the sacred lineage of Thai Massage and the Universal Tao, which in turn instruct her daily.  Emily is a co-founder of Altaer Education and facilitates day and week long workshops that blend healing practice and dance as shared, sacred space. She holds a BFA in Dance from Tisch School of the Arts NYU. She looks forward to stomping in the mud with you! Connect with her at

      join us for retreat july 17-20 in VT:

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