We have lead groups of friends and adventurers as we’ve ventured into the wild mountains year after year to find our inner peace, remind our selves of who we are becoming and detox from daily life

2010 Awakening the Spirit Retreat, Colorado

2011 Awakening the Spirit Retreat, Colorado

2011 Rainbow Serpent,Vermont

2012 Permaculture Retreat and Modalities, Chile

2012 Transforming the Breakdown Retreat, Colorado

2013 Wild Spirit Mountain Retreat, Colorado

Upcoming….2014 Green Mountain Spirit Retreat



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Upcoming & On Going in Colorado, VT, CA, VA and NYC!

Dates TBD for Vermont in July (email The Dancing Spirit @ Gmail dot com)



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One thought on “Retreats

  1. Well of COURSE you should be teancihg there!! SO glad that youa re able to start teancihg again and hopefully one day I can be in one of your classes!!! I would give anything to be able to attend in April!!!! Not sure that I can make it happen as I live in VA and kid’s college bills come first!!!

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