What Would Wilderness Do?

Altaer Education is a collective of artists, teachers, and wildlife educators who recognize Nature as our Master Teacher and lead somatic/movement expeditions–in our urban communities and out in the powerful Nature spots– to listen and learn the language of our wilderness. Our workshops and retreats balance our inner relations with our outer landscapes (and visa versa).  These explorations encourage our expansion into the most bold, authentic, and courageous versions of ourselves.

We are activists, advocates, and co-creators for the “Divine Feminine Voice”  through body-centered arts/somatic therapies and cross-cultural education. We see the vision of uniting the continent of the Americas by supporting the vibrancy of our cultures through exchange and artistic residencies throughout South, Central, and North America.  Wherever we are, we take time to unplug from the virtual, digital stress system and plug-into the Mother Nature’s complex technology and wisdom. In breaking through the stifling concrete of modern society, we break through to new earth, fertile relations, grounded actions. We remember our indigenous roots and mend our relations to our “homes” of the body, community, and Earth.