Radiant Heart Mediation: the REAL Law of Attraction

Sacred Mirrors


I have been meditating for years and have explored many realms within Buddhism, Hinduism, Mystic Christianity, and Zen.

But now, I’m ready to hone into a personal daily practice that feels authentic and accessible. When I heard about The Radiant Heart Meditation (RHM) created by Shelley Poovey, founder of BodyAttune Wellness, my intuition signed me up. RHM is a simple yet profound practice of intentional breathing that feels expansive on many levels—mental, physical, emotional, energetic, and environmental. The seminar consists of weekly group meditations/healing sessions and daily emails. Practicing RHM daily brought me back to my capacity to tap into a deeper source: my intuition. The word intuition comes from Latin verb intueri, which is usually translated as to look inside or to contemplate. I have always craved an intimate connection with this real lucidity, this deeper knowing. I went into seminar asking how my intuition can guide me throughout my daily life. How can I connect more clearly to my intuition?

The seminar was a perfect place to open up to the mysteries of metaphysics and dive deeper into my capacity to connect to “it”. Shelley explains the seminar like this: In this series, we begin with the basic idea that we are already whole, but cannot access the experience some or most of the time. From a spiritual and energetic perspective, who are we, and how much wisdom is there just waiting to be accessed that we are not aware of? This series works at healing from the inside out. We start from the moment of conception, where negative and self-limiting patterns are already developing. Through meditation and group healing with BodyTalk, we start to help the body unwind these patterns in a safe and supported way.

Shelley guides meditations like a wise sage, writes like a genius scientist, and facilitates group healing like an experienced psychic. One of her tools is BodyTalk, a system of energy medicine that addresses physical, mental, emotional and health issues. It relies on the body’s own innate wisdom as a source of direction and prioritization. It jumpstarts and strengthens the body’s own restorative powers and helps integrate the entire body/mind/spirit system.

At first, I was skeptical. How can one woman in New York City help synchronize my soul’s deepest desires and help me manifest my dreams through meditation alone? How can a conference call help heal such intimate situations and understandings in my personal life? The answer, I realized, lies in the subtle body, an energetic vortex that acknowledges the universal oneness of all people. We connected on the phone, and each of our personal energy systems were able to “entrain”, or synchronize. That means one healing session designed for a specific person of the group inherently benefited us all. This series really enlightened me to the healing power of subtle-body connection.

I entered into some of the most profound meditation experiences of my life, and my physical body reacted strongly to the seminar. Two weeks into the seminar, I got very sick—five days with a cold/flu forced me into bed. I had to clear my schedule, stop, and plunge deep into physical, emotional, and psychological shadows. This was particularly unusual because I haven’t been this sick in years. Luckily, I emerged from the illness with a new energy and clarity.

The March series starts this Monday, March 10. It will explore in-depth how we can use our body-field as a tool for manifesting intentions. You may have heard of “the secret” or “law of attraction” but this work is different – it engages us at the heart level around what we desire and provides tools of engagement through meditation, observation, implementation, and refinement. When working with manifesting intentions we call into alignment our inner and outer world so that all obstacles that are blocking our experience of success are more easily worked with and either released or integrated. It is in this process that we engage our intentions as a spiritual practice, not only to create a desired outcome “out there” but also to create a more harmonious relationship with the past, present, and future as a reflection of our creative potential, innermost desires, and intellectual capacity to understand and integrate that into our conscious awareness.

Read more and SIGN UP here:  http://bodyattunewellness.com/developingintuition/