Listen to Your Body and Treat it Like a Temple

Occupying the Body with Lead Formulator and Founder of Welstar Cosmetics, Mahara Ashlie.

Occupation of the Body with Mahara Ashlie of Welstar Organics by 365songbird


My every day pretty girl female beauty regime used to include daily toxic chemical doses of awesome products with pretty packaging that stayed on all day and made me look absolutely fabulous!  But it turned out after bathing myself in these household names and cutting edge boundary pushing styles that these companies who I have trusted–some of whom I have actually worked with, actually have, when used alone and in conjunction with other products– very undesirable side effects to my health. Ones that I experienced were: breakouts and extreme allergies. After educating myself through literature and the resources available at the Environmental Working Groups’ Skin Deep Data Base (which list the side effects of the ingredients listed on the back of cosmetic bottles), I realized that I was using ingredients who’s side effects are linked to hormone imbalance, cancer and genital mutilation in male off-spring. I recently lost my favourite Uncle David, My darling Grandma Evie and a sweet family friend Kay to cancer acquired through unknown means.  I know my Grandma who was the head Nurse for most of her career in Los Angeles County,  trusted a cosmetic company whose branding looks like a pharmacy and is a staple in every mall nation wide as a clean and solid choice for personal care-but who in reality has many chemicals in their products which are proven to cause cancer.

At the dawn of my 30th year, I decided to transform my chemical beauty regime into a series of empowering and uplifting lifestyle beauty rituals.  As a former sorority girl this seemed almost impossible I had to throw out everything I owned even things that were sold at big health food store chains in their bath and body section and had packaging that read:  natural and organic.

I discovered 900 companies on the Campaign for Safe Cosmetic Compact for Safe Cosmetics website that agreed to refrain from the use harmful chemicals and to create their personal care products in compassionate and healing ways.  I became focused on handmade products in small bathes with raw ingredients with female formulators and got introduced to Welstar Organics.  Their comprehensive line of skin-care products, tinctures, aromatherapy and herbal remedies has helped my healing process. Founded and Formulated by Mahara Ashlie, Welstar Organics helped me realize that when I began incorporating natural ingredients, intentionality, and love into my daily personal beauty rituals–I had to give up the appearance of super natural polished clear skin for clear skin. I had to give up the investment and the work to cover up and make up for all the things that I lack to celebrate who I really am and to heal from the inside out.

The cosmetic industry is self regulated. They believe that their products our safe for people in the US. In Canada and the UK they have been forced to re-formulate and take out all of the potentially dangerous ingredients. In the US they are still getting away with putting questionable things in our eyeliner, hair products, nail polish and lipstick. The skin is our largest organ.

If you would like to research your cosmetics and the ingredients and possible side effects from the building blocks of your current beauty supplies visit the most comprehensive study done on cosmetics the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

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