Bendala Yoga and Altaer Unite

Deep breathe. We’ve finished up our summer/fall retreats, and want to give a big shout out to our most recent sponsor, Bendala Yoga Mats (

After spending four days in the backcountry of the Uncompahgre Mountains in Southwest Colorado for our annual Altaer Retreat, one things for sure: Bendala makes yoga mats suited for centered adventure in Mother Nature.

The mission of Altaer Education is to create sacred spaces in Nature where participants spend time, out of the system, connecting to a deeper silence of the wilderness and discovering the wildness of their inner souls. In essence, we create, honor, and celebrate the natural altars of Mother Nature and our own bodies using meditation, yoga, wilderness education, trekking, and dance.

When Bendala agreed to sponsor the “Awakening the Spirit” retreat, we received a heap of their handmade cotton mats (made in India!) for our clients. Doing pranayama at dawn, the mats soaked up the moisture from dewy ground and never got slippery when we stood for sun salutations. They were perfect blankets for our talk circles in the aspen groves, and served as picnic platforms during our day hikes.

We often stopped along a rocky rivers edge to sit and hear the waters sing; many of our clients draped them atop the boulders to meditate. Extra long and spacious, they acted as ideal cushions for our acro-yoga session in the community tent.
Because of their organic cotton, Bendala mats make practicing outdoors feel more natural than ever. No synthetic fibers, no slippery slopes—Bendala provides a platform where muddy feet, sunbaked backs, and sweaty hands can practice with ease.