iQuit using toxic chemicals in cosmetics

I recently did some spring cleaning and through out everything in my cosmetic bag, bathroom and purse which wasn’t serving me.  I became interested in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics a few months ago and began incorporating independent handmade cosmetic lines who are transparent about their ingredients or have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics into my beauty regime because they promise to never use ingredients that are harmful or linked to cancer.

But until today I hadn’t thrown out the products I loved that I felt contributed to my beauty who I wasn’t sure of all of their ingredients.  I clung to these staples in my beauty regime as if they were essential and now I see that if I use them that their incongruity could potentially harm me.  As of today I can say that my bathroom, closet, suitcase, purse, skin, teeth and hair are free of toxic chemicals linked to cancer and weird allergens! I have to admit that I am feeling pretty make-up-less and a little vulnerable but I felt like if I trying to transform the beauty industry from the inside-out then we have to find products from companies who support our health fully and that is what the Compact for Safe Cosmetics is all about.  Does anyone have any natural handmade cosmetics like eye colour, great mascara and eyeliner and mineral make up that they Love?

I am in the process of trying to heal a very strange patch of skin that gets irritated easily by my nose.  This has been a long and arduous process and I am committed to stop covering up the problem areas literally and figuratively in my life and get to the bottom of the issue as I incorporate healing and wholeness.  I am loving Baby Soft Facial Treatment from Welstar, Starting Over Essence Kit from Garden of One and Face Fix By Nieves and will be interviewing the women behind these amazing lines in the coming weeks to find out what inspired them to support women fully through their beauty products and just why the cosmetics they make work so well.